[pypy-dev] AW: pypy-dev Digest, Vol 287, Issue 6

Anthony Baxter anthony at interlink.com.au
Tue Jun 22 12:10:36 CEST 2004

Jantzen, Günter wrote:
> Holger Krekel wrote:
>>All i all, i think that we probably want to checkout joeq 
>>some more.  In particular, we  might want to think about 
>>trying to generate a QUAD representation of PyPy and reuse 
>>some of the joeq infrastructure.  We can expect to have less 
>>integration issues than with the Low-Level-Virtual-Machine 
>>(LLVM) project which is written in C++ (ever worked with 
>>C++-libraries and dependencies? funfunfun).  
> C++ is an Industry standard based on C. 
> C++ Libraries can be wrapped by C-Libraries (extern 'C') if you have the source-code at hand.
> C++ Libraries that are not wrapped can contain native C++ (for example class definitions).  
> Then they can be called by C++ code only. It is not possible to call C++ Libraries
> which are compiled with a different Compiler, because all C++ Implementations have different naming conventions 
> for methods and parameters(name mangling). 
> I don't say LLVM is better for PyPy than joeq. But I think it should be first considered what 
 > is right and second what is easy to implement.

Huh? This is completely ass-backwards. Trying to implement it in C++,
merely because it's "an industry standard", is about the worst reason
in the world. And in your reply you point out that the "industry
standard" is a shambles when it comes to dependencies and libraries.

Consider what works, then worry about what's got some supposed "industry
standard" elephant stamp on it. If we worried about "industry standards"
we'd be all implementing in ECMAScript, Java, and C#, _not_ Python.


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