AW: [pypy-dev] AW: pypy-dev Digest, Vol 287, Issue 6

"Jantzen, Günter" Guenter.Jantzen at
Tue Jun 22 16:51:31 CEST 2004

Holger Krekel wrote:
> Well, to my ears an "industry standard" is usually the label 
> vendors put on their product.  Moreover, with PyPy we cross 
> language borders all the time.  It is inherent to the kind of 
> project we are doing.  For practical matters, integration 
> issues and the "consider that works" principle are very 
> important to our kind of evolutionary development.

Of course. My first mail was not very clear in this point. I said "industry standard", but what I meant was 'a reliable and well known language' in which we can trust so far that it is not necessary to discuss bitfiddling details in the first place.

Scott Myers, author of 'Effective C++' titled one chapter 'Say what you mean; understand what you're saying' ;-))
I will try to be more clear for avoiding unecessary disaccord.

> Anyway, i imagine that if we use joeq or LLVM as a backend we 
> might very well rewrite the most interesting parts in Python 
> at some point, depending on our experiences and the actual 
> development

Sounds to me just like a somewhat stronger word for *forward* :-)))


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