[pypy-dev] fun with functions

holger krekel hpk at trillke.net
Sat Jun 26 13:04:39 CEST 2004

Hi Armin, 

[Armin Rigo Fri, Jun 25, 2004 at 05:18:18PM +0100]
> Moreover, we have a different compatibility problem too: in CPython, built-in
> functions don't have a __get__, so you can put them in classes and read them
> out without having the first argument bound to the instance.  For example, if
> you put 'operator.add' in the class TrivialObjSpace, then 'space.add' is
> exactly 'operator.add' and not a bound version of it.
> What should we do about it?  Maybe asking python-dev for guidance?

We could ask who is relying on this behaviour that builtin functions don't
get bound on classes.  Or maybe just ask who even *knows* it let alone relies
on it :-) 

> Have 'unboundable function objects' -- like staticmethod, but the latter is not
> callable -- and make some carefully selected functions unboundable for
> compatibility?

only if need be.  Can you think of any real world use case? 

> For the 1st problem we could force a general solution by saying that the
> argument that a method binds is hidden to keywords.  It would also make the
> very first example of this e-mail work, although it doesn't work in CPython.

Your recent changes (of holding positional and keyword arguments in an
Argument instance (nice!)) already implement this.  Makes sense.  


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