[pypy-dev] Re: [pypy-svn] r5369 - in pypy/trunk/src/pypy: scripttest scripttest/test tool

holger krekel hpk at trillke.net
Tue Jun 29 18:51:46 CEST 2004

Hi Rocco, 

[rocco at codespeak.net Sun, Jun 27, 2004 at 10:53:28PM +0200]
> Author: rocco
> Date: Sun Jun 27 22:53:28 2004
> New Revision: 5369
> Added:
>    pypy/trunk/src/pypy/scripttest/   (props changed)
>    ... 
> Log:
> * tool/app_level_diff.py
> I hacked together a little tool for running a script at app level, and checking
> its output against an expected output file. (Sort of like regrtest.py) I added 
> a feature where the files can be sectioned off into multiple parts, to reduce
> disk clutter. 
> * scripttest directory

I guess this at least should not live directly in src/pypy but in some
subdirectory (e.g.  tool) or at 'src/scripttest' or something similar.
And btw, it's preferable if you talk to some other developer or best to
pypy-dev before adding a whole bunch of things :-) 

> The start of using app_level_diff as a testing tool - I've converted the
> CPython regression test test_grammar to it's use. Sectioning is incomplete -
> the parts that are sectioned are mainly to isolate failures
> I've also started to do a script made from the examples given in Guido's
> tutorial. Incomplete as of now.

Can you give some examples of usage?  I am a bit of a loss what 
exactly you are trying to do here.  



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