[pypy-dev] status of PyPy

holger krekel hpk at trillke.net
Thu Mar 25 13:27:58 CET 2004

hi pypy-dev, 

just wanted to drop some information about what is currently
going on with PyPy.  Our last sprint took place in Amsterdam
late december and since then most of us were quite busy with 
lots of other stuff and/or with negotiating with the European
Union regarding our accepted PyPy proposal. 

Now the negotiations are still dragging on and we have to 
plan and commit ourselves for two years which is no easy task.  
So we are to invest all the time we can into that because we 
could still loose the contract. 

During the last three month codng mostly took place in peripheral 
parts of pypy, one of them a new testing framework with some 
surprising features but more about that later :-)  These three
month already feel like an eternity ... 

The next big challenge for PyPy is translation into low level 
code.  We had some small breakthroughs (producing efficient 
low-level code for a sieve of erasthosthenes python implementation)
but getting it to work for more complex programs like PyPy
itself remains an open challenge. The next sprint should bring us
a lot closer. 

Speaking of which, i guess we definitely will hold a one-week
sprint before EuroPython, probably starting on 30th of June. 
Please mark that in your calendar.  And make sure that
you don't miss out yet another great python conference 
after Pycon :-) 

Btw, expect some nice report from Armin from Pycon with special
respect to pypy-related topics (he promised it because us other 
people have to deal with EU details).  I can't wait :-) 

There also is the idea that we try to do a sprint around 
Python UK 2004 in April.  No concrete planning has taken place, 
though, because all of us were so insanely busy.  If someone could
help with organizing a PyPy sprint there that would be wonderful! 

so much, for now, have fun,

    holger krekel

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