[pypy-dev] new autopath logic?

holger krekel hpk at trillke.net
Wed May 5 18:42:37 CEST 2004


as many of you may know, we are using copies of pypy/tool/autopath.py in
a couple of places in order to insert a correct Python search path for
'import pypy.xxx.yyy' to succeed.  With "import autopath" as the first line
all the test_*.py can be invoked directly from the commandline and
directly run.  However, autopath.py needs the information about the
top-directory ('pypy' in our case) to be encoded.  It would be nicer
to have an autopath.py that is independent from a particular project. 

So what about trying to automize it completly like this: Start from the
directory where the invoked script/test is in and look upwards for a
directory *not* containing __init__.py anymore: This would be the
directory that needs to be ensured to be in sys.path. The last
one would we the autopath.projectdir so you can reference non-python 
resource files in the project. 

I checked a bit and for pypy this should work as well as for
the other projects that use a clone of autopath.py.  Opinions? 



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