[pypy-dev] Re: Pygame graph viewer

Anders Lehmann bernstorff_lehmann at mail.tele.dk
Wed May 12 22:57:22 CEST 2004

In order to make Graphviewer work on windows I had to make some changes,
concerning handling of binary files. I have attached a patch.

I dont want to check it in because I dont think it is the right solution,
and it doesnt work on linux.

Great and fun work Armin

Anders Lehmann

"Armin Rigo" <arigo at tunes.org> wrote in message
news:20040511195637.GA25476 at vicky.ecs.soton.ac.uk...
> Hello,
> I've been hacking on a Pygame-based viewer for the control flow graphs.
> See pypy/translator/tool/pygame/graphviewer.py.  The idea is to display
> graph as computed by 'dot', but more interactively.  The hard part was to
> figure out where, in the image, each variable name actually is on the
> now you can move the mouse around and when it is over a variable name you
> the corresponding annotation, inferred by the new stuff in
> The goal is to clean up and link it to the annotator a bit more, so that
> can see it while it progresses (as if doing a step-by-step debugging).  I
> guess it would be quite a useful debugging tool, aside from being
> presentation-friendly :-)
> A bientot,
> Armin.
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begin 666 grapviewer_win.patch
M26YD97 at Z('-R8R]P>7!Y+W1R86YS;&%T;W(O=&]O;"]M86ME7V1O="YP>0T*
M;W(O=&]O;"]M86ME7V1O="YP>0DH<F5V:7-I;VX at -#,W,BD-"BLK*R!S<F,O
M>2D-"D! ("TQ-C L." K,38P+#$R($! #0H@(" @("-P<FEN="!S;W5R8V4*
M(" @("!D97-T+G=R:71E*'-O=7)C92D*(" @("!P<V1E<W0@/2!D97-T+FYE
M=V5X="AT87)G970I"BT@(" @;W5T(#T at 97AE8U]C;60H)V1O=" M5"5S("5S
M)R E("AT87)G970L('-T<BAD97-T*2DI"BT@(" @<'-D97-T+G=R:71E*&]U
M="D**R @("!I9B!T87)G970]/2=P;F<G. at HK(" @(" @(" @;6]D93TG8B<@
M"BL@(" @96QS93H**R @(" @(" @;6]D93TG="<**R @("!O=70@/2!E>&5C
M*0HK(" @('!S9&5S="YW<FET92AO=70L;6]D92D*(" @(" C<')I;G0@(G=R
B;W1E(BP@<'-D97-T"B @(" @<F5T=7)N('!S9&5S= H@"@``

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