[pypy-dev] new mailman / spam configuration

holger krekel hpk at trillke.net
Fri May 28 11:26:42 CEST 2004


eventually codespeak.net's mailman 2.1.5 is now using spambayes 1.0_rc1
to drop spams to all mailing lists. This is done by a small patch of
mine and with a 1-year trained database from Michael Hudson (thanks!).
If anything goes wrong, that will be my fault so please mail me
privately, or better yet, always mail root at codespeak.net in case of
problems with codespeak.  It would also be nice to get feedback from list
admins that everything works well. 

Hope to see you all at EuroPython, where I will be looking for
additional admins (currently it's Jens-Uwe Mager and me) not the least
because there are a number of projects interested to move to codespeak ... 



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