[pypy-dev] More on optimization

holger krekel hpk at trillke.net
Wed Nov 3 20:16:34 CET 2004

Hi Armin, 

[Armin Rigo Wed, Nov 03, 2004 at 04:58:31PM +0000]
> Abstract interpretation is the name of a very general technique: we use it
> twice.  We use it to produce the flow graph (i.e. the architecture document is
> correct), and then we also use it to produce annotations on the graph (the
> architecture document doesn't say how we do that, so it's not wrong not to say
> we do it with another kind of abstract interpretation too).

Thanks for the clarification.  

> Now I see where the confusion comes from.  The e-mails in this thread have
> nothing to do with the flowobjspace or the flow graph construction itself.  
> What you said about it is correct but off topic: the topic is annotations and
> backends.  All the "abstract interpretation" I talked about is the one we do
> to infer the annotations.

Right.  However, in the past we have sometimes been mixing the
flow analysis and annotation part, both in talking and coding.
I do recall a discussion regarding the determination of "merge
points" in the flow analysis that we _could_ connect to
type/annotation analysis (during a screen-session where we hacked
together on the flow/* code) but let's postpone this as
i agree it doesn't neccessarily relate to the current topic. 

Btw, it will be interesting to come up with a formal definition of
abstract interpretation at some point along with somewhat more
formal definitions of the other terms we often use. (not neccessarily 
completly mathematically definitions, mind you). Kind of a
a brief "glossary" thingie to allow us and others to understand 
what we are talking about. Maybe you or Samuele could even start a 
brief but current "glossary.txt" before the Vilnius sprint ... ? 



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