[pypy-dev] explicit documentation (re)organization

Laura Creighton lac at strakt.com
Sun Nov 7 11:06:08 CET 2004

In a message of Sun, 07 Nov 2004 10:16:59 +0100, Anna Martelli Ravenscroft writes:

>Laura and Holger -
>is there a way I can help with this? I miss working with you guys, and 
>this seems like somewhere that I could be useful, whether or not I fully 
>comprehend the ins and outs of where the pypy project is at the moment.
>Please let me know - offlist if you like.

I miss working with you too.  But I leave tomorrow to host a anti-sw-pat
conference at EU Parl in Brussels.  Then I fly to Santa Cruz, USA, and then
I fly directly to the Vilnius Sprint.  So it will be a while before I can
continue this discussion, by which time I expect something to already happen.


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