[pypy-dev] Re: Sprint wonderings

Christian Tismer tismer at stackless.com
Thu Nov 25 15:48:10 CET 2004

Michael Hudson wrote:
> Richard Emslie <rxe at ukshells.co.uk> writes:
>>I hope the past sprint was fun and I was wondering if any kind person
>>from it would like to give an overview of activities, developments
>>etc.... please?  That would be really great!!
> Hmm, I was there and I could do with the same!  :-)

Well, let me add the little bits from my side. It took me
long to get an understanding of everything since I was
practically out of the project for half a year.

Then I worked on a different topic which we had not touched
yet, but it made some sense. I'm trying to generate interpreter
level code from appspace code. That is, I run the flow machine
over some python code which is *not* supposed to be restricted
Python, but application code. The latter is used to implement
lots of functions which would look nasty when implemented
in RPython (see for instance _formatting.py, md5.py etc.).

The idea is to do a flow analysis of these implementations
without annotation and create RPython source code for that
what the interpreter would have executed.

The hope is that we *then* can apply the translator to this
generated Python code, so it gets annotated, simplified
and turned into C code.

I'm still working on it, and there are a lot of things wrong
or missing, but it gets better and will probably be ready in
a couple of days.
I guess it will be built in as a preprocessor, which compiles
app code into interpreter code in some cache directory.

Note that this transformation does not treat the app code as
full Python, but again some restrictions apply:

- globals are constant
- methods never change
- imports are done at compile time
- exceptions are not generated if there is no try clause
- imported stuff must obey the same restrictions

> Evolution, not revolution, I'd say.

Yeah, but the results made me very positive about PyPy's future.

ciao - chris

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