[pypy-dev] Congratulations to the Pypy team

Xavier Heymans xavier at zope-europe.org
Fri Nov 26 18:01:08 CET 2004

Hi Holger,

At the conference the Pypy project was presented as approved. It was listed
within the EU projects the day before. I think you are among the first open
source projects approved. So I guess you have a 99% change to get it trough.
The Eu commissioner explained that it had been difficult to support it
because most people do not understand how open source is organized.

I would be interested to receive information about your project because the
same work has to be done with Zope, Plone, ... Who should I contact?

Crossing fingers until December 1 and good luck,


> De : hpk at trillke.net (holger krekel)
> Date : Fri, 26 Nov 2004 16:09:24 +0100
> À : Xavier Heymans <xavier at zope-europe.org>
> Cc : pypy-dev at codespeak.net
> Objet : Re: [pypy-dev] Congratulations to the Pypy team
> Hi Xavier, 
> [Xavier Heymans Fri, Nov 26, 2004 at 01:59:14PM +0100]
>> Last week Paul and I participated to the Calibre conference in Den Haag,
>> Netherlands. Paul was invited to make the keynote speech. Some high-ranking
>> EU commissioners were presents. They were very interested in open source and
>> knew all the details about the Pypy project.
>> Congratulations to the Pypy team for your project, your excellent lobby and
>> for having open the EU minds to pen source.
> Great to hear!  This is another positive sign that eventually everything
> will work out nicely.  Just this monday the signing process was initiated
> by the EU which - nevertheless - still does not imply a formalized commitment.
> But we are all getting ready to fully start the EU project on 1st of December.
> Btw, everyone please spread the word that we plan to do about 14 coding
> sprints 
> in the next two years in various places, ranging from Pycon in Washington DC
> to South Korea but most of them taking place in Europe.  European hackers
> will very likely have the possibility to "join" the EU project and receive
> travel + accomodation costs for these sprints refunded.  We still need to
> sort out ways to make this as unbuerocratic as possible, though, and there
> are some questions and details that we must first resolve.
> And if anyone likes to help with organizing one of the sprints that would
> be very helpful as these events really form the foundation of the PyPy
> project and they are much more fun and easier to do if there are locals
> to interact with ...
> cheers and greetings,
>   holger

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