[pypy-dev] List dormant?

holger krekel hpk at trillke.net
Fri Sep 24 21:25:17 CEST 2004

Hi Terry, 

[Terry Reedy Fri, Sep 24, 2004 at 03:06:19PM -0400]
> Accessing the PyPy list via gmane, I have not seen anything for at least a 
> couple of weeks.
>  Is this a reflection of true dormancy?
>  (If so, I will presume it is just temporary.)

Indeed, the last pypy-dev mails are from end of August as far
as i see.  There have been some commits and off-list
communication going on, though. Also, we had some discussions
on our pypy-funding list regarding EU funding. It seems
possible now that PyPy will get funded starting from 1st of
November which would clearly allow many of us to work more on

However, Armin has been making quite some progress on 
a direct C-backend (not based on our Pyrex-approach) 
lately which reflects on the pypy-svn list. I am sure
he is happy to answer questions or talk about the state
of how this is going if someone asks him.  Hum, hey 
Armin, what is the current state of the C backend? :-) 

Moreover, it's not unlikely that the next PyPy sprint will
take place in Vilnius, Lithunia, with the help of the POV
("Programmers of Vilnius") people.  The projected date 
is around 15th of November till 21st of November 2004. 

Btw, we are always very interested in places and possibilities
to do coding sprints (not neccessarily in Europe!).  Most of
the current code base has been developed in sprints so far and
it's fun events where one learns a lot. 

When all goes well i hope that we will have monthly update
reports and I guess the key point will be to really put out
releases for people to play with.  



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