[pypy-dev] utest, development and discussion

holger krekel hpk at trillke.net
Sun Sep 26 10:23:34 CEST 2004

Hello Ian,

[Ian Bicking Sun, Sep 26, 2004 at 02:42:43AM -0500]
> I'm interested in using utest for a project of mine, where the tests 
> have gotten a bit out of control -- utest won't control them, but as 
> long as I'm revisiting everything, I figured I might move to a test 
> system I liked.  Also, I want to make adding tests more accessible for 
> other contributors.

hey, nice! 
> First question: I'm not being dumb if I convert all my tests to utest, 
> am I?  Not that utest is really a framework like unittest... but if I 
> spend lots of time fiddling with test code, it would be a shame if utest 
> went into disrepair, or was rewritten in a radically different way. 
> Maybe that's not too big an issue, because utest doesn't really have an 
> API, but since utest isn't used much outside of pypy (that I know of) I 
> worry.

It isn't even used much inside pypy right now but in some of my 
and maybe Armin's own projects mostly. Actually Laura
has written a tool for conversion from unittest.py style tests 
and once the naming/API is getting towards finalization it is
going to be applied for PyPy.  

So (i just wrote in that other posting) the biggest change
is some pending renaming.  Other than that you shouldn't 
expect any big changes to utest.  The configuration file 
(currently "utest.conf") will very likely be reworked, though ... 

> Anyway, I've started working with it some.  I've added one small feature 
> (dropping into pdb when an exception occurs), and there's sure to be 
> some more, particularly documentation.  Where should I send patches? 
> Where should discussion occur?  And maybe a website?

I have just created the 'py-dev at codespeak.net' mailing list
and will soon outline there the planned release and any
changes along with some policies for code contributions.  I
would be happy if you (and others who are interested) join and
offer your patches and opinions. 


Moreover, you can get write-access to the codespeak repository
including the 'py' and 'pypy' part.  Just drop me a note with 
username and ssh-public key. Experienced and known programmers 
in the community will usually just get such access if they want. 
And everyone hosting their projects there should know about this 
and accept this policy. 

Later in October we hopefully have the new hardware and software 
codespeak setup ready which should include 'trac' which is then to be 
used for "the py lib"'s webpages. Sorry that there isn't anything
there, yet.  



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