[pypy-dev] Mode of interaction

Christian Tismer tismer at stackless.com
Mon Apr 11 04:16:42 CEST 2005

Hi friends,

I am a bit annoyed by your latest comments in the pypy IRC log.
You have mentioned some interaction caused by my checkin of
flow-space caching. This was something that was demanded since
a long time, and I thought I got it just right.

This was just a lye. In fact, I was very much annoyed:

There are a lot of indifferent and unreflected comments like

[17:03] <arigo> Christian's new _interplevel_cache.py doesn't seem to 
hold all analysed pieces of code,

which I do not understand. Which pieces of code should I not hold???
Arigo, did you a) not understand my code, and b) did you thing that
I'm that dumb? This wuold have helped with a), btw.

[17:17] <pedronis> the app helpers are RPython-ish but RPython so 
geninterplevel is obviously an oddball

Please? Can you please elaborate???

[18:03] <arigo> _interplevel_cache is probably a bad idea for now
[18:04] <arigo> it makes everything behave erratically

I asked *you* if caching of translations is valid, and you told
me it was just fine, 6 days before. And I tested it with full
cache and with cache cleared. Who is wrong, then???

[18:05] <arigo> I've just spent half an hour debugging something that 
was solved by removing _interplevel_cache.pyc (the pyc! I removed the py 
regularly but forgot the pyc)

Sorry, Armin, this is simply ignorance! I cant't feel any guilt for
that. And I also have no pardon if you fail with such a silly problem.
You should expect check-ins from other people, too, especially
if these are modelled exactly after your former demands, please

And if you need to criticize people, please do avoid the third person
and address them directly!

In other words, if you really dislike my participation, please be
explicit and tell me to leave this project, early. I can't stand
this implicit way, together with this ignorance.
I am not an enemy, at least I hoped so.

sincerely -- chris

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