[pypy-dev] result of mini-sprint / documentation

holger krekel hpk at trillke.net
Mon Apr 18 01:26:45 CEST 2005

Hi folks, 

Armin and me have spent today on largely reworking and
refactoring PyPy's documentation.  On 


you'll see a cleaned up entry page and navigation bar, 
and much cleaned up and cross-referenced content. 

Moreover, the integrity of the links in the ReST files 
are now checked within our testing process.  If you issue:: 

    python test_all.py documentation 
then ReST-checks as well as link checks are performed.  If you
provide the '-R' option then also all remote links are checked
for existence.  Running 'py.test' or 'python test_all.py' in
the pypy directory will run the non-remote documentation
checks by default. 

Our documentation rework should provide a good basis for
continued updating and improvement of the documentation. 
Btw, there is a 'redirections' file which contains a mapping
from old names to new names/locations which the web site uses 
to map old URLs to new places (via a Redirect). Try e.g.: 


or any other old URL. 

Feedback (and helping with improving the documentation further)
is very welcome! 



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