[pypy-dev] Mini-sprint 15-19th May

Armin Rigo arigo at tunes.org
Tue Apr 26 18:38:58 CEST 2005

Hi all,

According to The Plan, the next official deadline is to come up before the end
of May with a partial implementation of Python in Python that passes 90% of
the "core language" CPython tests (that is, without counting the ones relying
on C extension modules from the standard library).

As the ACCU sprint was cancelled, we have come up with a possible replacement
mini-sprint.  The primary goal is to finish off some of the remaining test
failures, and polish a bit the release.  If we have enough time we want to
work on near/midterm-future issues and EuroPython planning etc.  The sprint
targets only people already familiar with the PyPy code base and the coding
style in general (this seems sensible because we have a release goal
associated with the sprint).

The sprint could possibly take place at Trillke-Gut Hildesheim or in
Gothenborg, on the 15th-20th of May.  Samuele and Bea will check out
accomodation possibilities.

Early next week (say the 4th of May) we decide if we actually do the sprint,
based on a closer examination of the current test failures.

A bientot,


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