[pypy-dev] pypy-sync meeting 4th August 1pm

holger krekel hpk at trillke.net
Wed Aug 3 20:11:47 CEST 2005

Hi pypy-dev, 

we've had three so called 'pypy-sync' meetings already
on the last thursdays.  The minutes are to be found 
under http://codespeak.net/svn/pypy/extradoc/minute
However, they have so far been only announced on internal
channels and only some of the minutes went to pypy-dev. 
If i remember correctly. 

This post is to announce the pypy-sync meeting for tomorrow
(thursday 4th August) 1pm.  The meeting is open for all active
developers and closed to lurkers (which can read the
minutes afterwards).  The duration is capped at 30 minutes. 
We did manage to conclude always in time so far.  The agenda
always has a fixed part and a variable part with "topics of
the week".  I guess we somewhat expect from EU funded
developers to attend the meeting (or provide info off-line) 
but for all others it's a complete matter of their free choice. 

So what is the purpose of the pypy-sync meeting?  
It's an XP-style meeting that serves to synchronize
development work and let everybody know who is 
working on what.  It also serves as a decision 
board of the PyPy developers.  If discussions 
last too long and decisions cannot be reached 
they are delegated to a sub-group or get postponed. 

Here is the agenda (and if you come, please try to come 
in time, there is no waiting and attendants are
expected to not walk away during the 30 minutes). 

So below is the the agenda for this week's meeting. 
Developers wanting a topic on the list need to
contact me until wednesday afternoon.  This 
procedure is repeated every week. 



pypy-sync developer meeting 4th August 2005

Regular Topics 

- roll call. 

- activity reports (3 prepared lines of info). 
  All Attendees submit activity reports in the form 
  of three lines prepared before the meeting:
  LAST: work area1, work area2, ...
  NEXT: work area7, issue... 
  BLOCKERS: the unresolved XXX blocked my work on issueX

- resolve conflicts/blockers
  here we try to resolve any conflicts/blocks 

Topics of the week (brief discussion + quick decisions)

regularly doing more closed sprints? 

In a private conversation Bea asked Holger how the developer 
group thinks of the hildesheim2-sprint type (which was similar
to the Pre-EP sprint in Gotenburg).  A question is: 
do we think we want to regularly do sprints where we
only invite developers who are at least somewhat up to 
speed with PyPy?  Should sprints around conferences always
be completely open and some of the sprints in between 
then possibly more closed?  Note that Bea thinks of 
organizing a discussion about this at the upcoming
Heidelberg sprint. 

0.6.2 release: dropping the idea and just going for 0.7 ...

It has basically been decided by the hildesheim2 sprint group
that Heidelberg should tackle a 0.7 self-contained PyPy version. 
(a previous pypy-sync meeting delegated this decision there,btw). 
It seems that we then probably want to drop the idea of a
0.6.2 release.  But the release goal for 0.6.2, namely the
compliancy goal of again reaching 90% compliancy for our 2.4.1
based tree, should then be shifted to 0.7.  We should
conciously decide this. 

Plans for fixing compliancy bugs 

It has been discussed by the hildesheim2 sprint group 
that we want to have a text file in lib-python/
that lists the problems with failing test modules
so that we can share our analysis and have a lightweight
process of fixing and tracking those issues. 

Moreover, Holger suggests (or even reminds?) to mandate adding
small appropriate tests below pypy/ when fixing compliancy
tests instead of just relying on the sometimes very
slow-to-run compliancy tests. 

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