[pypy-dev] pypy-sync meeting 11th Aug 1pm

holger krekel hpk at trillke.net
Wed Aug 10 20:15:32 CEST 2005

hi pypy-dev,

tomorrow is the usual thursday-1pm active developers 
meeting at #pypy-sync on freenode.  See 


for minutes of previous meetings and below 
for the agenda of this one. If you can't come
you may send me or someone else your activity 
infos by mail and we'll proxy them accordingly. 



pypy-sync developer meeting 11th August 2005

Regular Topics 

- roll call. 
- activity reports (3 prepared lines of info). 
- resolve conflicts/blockers

Topics of the week

re / array status

Niklaus is going to drop a few sentences on the status 
of his current re/array work and maybe open problems
(if ever he has any :-). 

llvm status

If Eric is there it would be great to hear a bit about
the status and progress of the LLVM backend. 

GC and threading 

Two important aspects of the translated PyPy version 
regard Garbage Collection and Threading.  We planned
for having both GC and threading implemented as
translation aspects.  While Carl is working on GC 
(during his SoC project) we have no translation-aspect 
code yet regarding threading integration. 

This topic serves to to stir some first common discussion
regarding threading and GC aspects.  On friday the so called
technical board meets on the GC/thread-related deliverables 
in the EU project.  It would thus be good if pypy-sync 
is fine with delegating decisions about strategies
and coding plans on GC/threading to the technical board. 

FYI: codespeak migration status

The migration of codespeak.net got postponed because the
target machine's network connectivity is not satisfying yet
(latency and dropped packets problems).  However, commits
are now mirrored to the new machine which is basically
ready to take over in case the current machine gets problems. 
It's possible that the services get migrated soon without
prior announcements (unless people really think it's
neccessary to pre announce it).

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