some next steps (was: Re: [pypy-dev] Release)

holger krekel hpk at
Tue Aug 30 11:56:01 CEST 2005

Hi Ben, hi all, 

On Tue, Aug 30, 2005 at 10:31 +0100, Ben.Young at wrote:
> Congratulations everyone one the release! It looks really good!

thanks, also for your constant support!

> So what's the next priority? Speed or more customisability (or both!)?

we had a brief discussion at the end of the sprint and apart
from working on the bytecode compiler (which makes the interactive 
speed appear so slow) we intend to cleanup translation driving
and various other areas before heading off to the next phases 
of the project.  Also we currently plan the next sprint in Paris 
(10th-17th October) which we should announce soon.  It's quite
likely we are discussing/starting on the next efforts there
regarding JIT compilation and massive multithreading and
what not.  

There also is the ongoing effort of integrating Carl Friedrich's 
GC code into the actual translated PyPy and improving flexilibity 
around threading, completing some crucial external functions 
(like os.listdir) and whatnot. 

Personally, i hope i will find some time to seriously improve
the testing framework on various levels.  With PyPy, we begin to
have lots of options and variants in testing our own code
base, the standard python library's tests as well as testing
translation targets and variants.  I'd like to implement an
approach that allows completely peer-driven testing and
sending of reports to a central site where they can be queried
according to os/processor/python.  I intend to implement this
in a PyPy neutral manner so that the numerous other users of 
py.test can reuse our efforts for their projects.  Additionally, 
i'd like to have tests become interactively distributable 
to multiple machines (listed via ssh-account login information) 
from a single (possibly modified) working copy.  

Also, for the EU side of things some of us will need to invest
time into reporting and writing papers.  We intend to keep
as much of that work reusable on the website as we have no
inclination to just produce dead paper. 

Last but not least we are still looking for sprint places end
of this and the whole next year.  There appear to be
possibilities in Istanbul (Turkey), Bern (Switzerland)  and
Romania but none of these are concrete at this point.  It would
also already be good to know if there is interest in doing a PyPy
sprint at Pycon US in the next year.



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