[pypy-dev] pypy-sync dec 15th summary

Eric van Riet Paap eric at vanrietpaap.nl
Sat Dec 17 12:39:53 CET 2005

For most people last week was mostly for recovering from the  
Gothernburg sprint.
The JIT and optimization effort seem to be the most active topics at  
the moment.

The topics for the Mallorca sprint are still a bit in flux because  
it's unsure what gets done before then. These are the topics that  
were mentioned during this meeting:
  * JIT
  * stackless (although Christian hopes to have it finished by then)
  * _socket module
  * optimizations
  * logic programming
  * improve external function interactions / machinery

On the subject of Logic Programming / Aspect Oriented, the main  
developers indicated they will
commit to the repository to make it more visible to the rest of the  
group. It was noted that the owl parser is about half finished.
A suggestion was made that some plan/status/documentation about these  
subjects in pypy/doc would help others to get a clearer picture.
I was under the impression that the response was "yes, good idea.  
We'll do that" :)

Until next week!


Full log can be found at http://tismerysoft.de/pypy/irc-logs/pypy- 

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