[pypy-dev] Thread/gil/java question

Christian Tismer tismer at stackless.com
Fri Dec 30 00:47:38 CET 2005


you already got a very good answer, since you happened to hit
the former maintainer of Jython.

> Thank you for the quick response.  Let me get this straight:  If I use
> Jython instead of CPython, then my Python threads can migrate to
> different CPUs?
> Not sure what you meant by "... granularity is such that not much could
> be assumed for user programs..."--could you clarify that a bit?

You already admitted that you have no idea about Java.
This list is for developing PyPy. Questions beyond this
are of course possible, but I think we have one thing in common:

Everybody in this list knows to use the literature, and expects
everybody else to do the same. Submissions to the list are
meant to create new knowldge or to leverage it. Education is
not the primary goal, but supporting PyPy development.

If I was in the position to do that, I'd ask you to ask your
question to yourself, investigate about it and share the
gathered knowledge with us, or check it against other opinions.
That would be helpful input to the PyPy project.

It is ok to ask after you got stuck with some effort tried.

Thanks for your support - chris

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