[pypy-dev] Using PyPy as a compiler

holger krekel hpk at trillke.net
Sun Feb 6 09:57:22 CET 2005

Hi Brett, 

On Sun, Feb 06, 2005 at 00:46 -0800, Hart's Antler wrote:
> Hi, i am new to PyPy, i'm hoping someone can help me get started.
> I want to use translator to turn some python code into a pyx files so that i can compile them and
> later load them as modules in my program.  I did a simple test and i was able to get some pyrex
> code from the translator, but when i saved that to a pyx file and called 'pyrexc mymodule.pyx' on
> it there were errors.  I noticed there is a Pyrex folder (a Pyrex fork?) in the PyPy project, but
> i'm not what to use in there to convert mymodule.pyx to a .c file so gcc can compile it.

The control flow at the lower level really likes jumping around 
and thus we are using a slightly modified version of Pyrex which 
supports GOTOs or rather generic "CINLINE" statement IIRC :-)   

You might try to use pypy/tool/pyrexc mymodule.pyx  which uses
our modified versions of Pyrex. 

> btw, is todays current version in svn working?  I get alot of errors when calling
> translator.view(), i'm doing the test.is_perfect_number tutorial.


> py.__impl__.process.cmdexec.ExecutionFailed: ExecutionFailed: 127  dot -Tplain
> /tmp/usession-4/graph.dot>/tmp/usession-4/graph.plain
> /bin/sh: line 1: dot: command not found

You need to install graphviz (available on most distributions) which 
comes with the 'dot' commandline tool. Then this should nicely work. 

have fun, 


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