[pypy-dev] Pycon sprint - some logistics

Jacob Hallén jacob at strakt.com
Wed Feb 9 17:25:16 CET 2005

On fredag 4 februari 2005 09.44, Anna Ravenscroft wrote:

> Alex has booked with KLM (better than the SAS prices we could find from
> Italy). Do we submit receipts to you for the reimbursement or how does
> that work?


we are still working on finding out exactly what the requirements are. To the 
best of our knowledge, the steps will be

1. Submit a request to join the Pypy project as an individual, with the 
purpose of attending a specific sprint. Submit an expected budget.
2. Get accepted by the Technical Committee
3. Receive forms from the project Co-ordinator (DFKI) to acceed to the EU 
contract and recieve copies of  the Association Agreement between the 
individual and the Project Consortium.
4. Review, sign and return items from 3.
5. The project Co-ordinator submits the contract Accession form to the EU.
6. Wait.
7. Wait.
8. The EU probably says ok.
9. If they do, attend the sprint. If not, you are welcome at your own cost.
10. Submit receipts for hotel and accomodation. Fill in form for extra food 
11. Send to Co-ordinator, together with payment information.
12. Get paid.

Neither hard nor simple, I'd say.

Best regards


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