[pypy-dev] Re: can you renumber roundup issues

Johannes Gijsbers jlg at dds.nl
Thu Feb 10 11:52:22 CET 2005

Really short introduction: I work on Roundup occasionally. I'm an
interested onlooker with the pypy project. I might join a sprint if
another one is held in the Netherlands.

On Wed, 09 Feb 2005 13:18:32 +0100, Laura Creighton wrote:

> If you sort by id you get the order: 1 11 12 2 3 4 55 58 59 6

Yes, you're using a backend that doesn't work with numeric ids yet. This
means the ids are stored as strings, so you get an alpha sort. Maybe one
of the codespeak admins can switch the tracker to a backend that does
support numeric ids (e.g.: PostgreSQL)? Instructions are here:

> which isn't what we want.  I also don't understand why there are gaps --
> this is what you get when you sort grouped by 'milestone' I would have
> expected 1 11 12 13 14 15 16 ... where are those guys? You get them when
> you group by activity.  I don't think that I understand the 'group by'
> feature at all.   can I make my own groups and my own search criteria?  I
> haven't found a url that explains this yet, can you point me at it?

Nope, you can't make your own groups. Try taking a look at the 'Show by
Workpackage' query. All the issues that have workpackage 'wp00_general'
are sorted under one heading, all the issues with the workpackage
'wp01_management' are sorted under one heading, etc. The issues are then
sorted within the subheading.


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