[pypy-dev] RE: LLVM backend

Chris Lattner sabre at nondot.org
Thu Feb 17 17:09:41 CET 2005

On Thu, 17 Feb 2005, holger krekel wrote:

> Hey Chris!
> On Wed, Feb 16, 2005 at 23:29 -0600, Chris Lattner wrote:
>> <sorry I'm joining in late here>
> it is great that you joined the pypy-dev list!  Welcome!

Thanks! :)

> We have been following LLVM with interest for quite some time
> and are at a stage where we are seriously considering how we
> (re-)organize our translation backends and LLVM is a primary
> contender, (if we can make sure that the installation of the
> very basic tools is feasible :-)
> Special thanks, btw, to Carl Friedrich Bolz which went ahead
> with LLVM integration where the rest of us will have to catch
> up, soon.  We are currently buried in refactorings to make type
> inference and some internal mechanisms on the pypy side easier ...

Ok. :)

> When PyPy follows the LLVM route i personally hope that we can
> contribute something like a "(restricted) python frontend" for
> LLVM back (which would likely require an install of Python but
> that should be easier than a multitude of C++ libraries :-)

That would be great.  C/C++ are pretty ugly, I'm sure a (even restricted) 
python front-end would be much nicer. :)



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