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Thu Jan 6 11:47:58 CET 2005

Hi pypy-dev, 

i figure that a number of maybe-interested people are not 
subscribed to the codespeak announce list, so here i forward
an announcement which talks about server-moves/works later
today. If you want to receive such news then subscribe to 



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Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2005 16:33:40 +0100
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From: holger krekel <hpk at trillke.net>
Subject: [codespeak-ann] server move - thursday (6th Jan. 2005)
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Hello codespeak developers and users, 

next thursday, 6th of January 2005, Jens-Uwe Mager and me
plan to move over codespeak services to a new dual-amd64 more
failsafe machine, largely donated by Infrae from the
Netherlands. Thanks!  Also thanks to Helios from Germany who will 
continue to provide us with free hosting in their computing

With a gentoo-setup built from scratch with NPTL (New Posix
Thread Library) and some other enhancements we hope that
especially the subversion setup stabilizes some more. We 
are going to deploy the subversion 1.1 series but we'll stay 
with the bsd-db backend (for various reasons). 

Please note: 

- We are not going much at new features during this move but
  rather for consistently mirroring and upgrading the current 

- ssh-logins will probably see a modified host-key  
  and thus you may receive a warning from your ssh-client. 

- We don't expect any large downtime but your mileage
  may vary, especially with respect to DNS-caching. 

- we may miss small bits and pieces, please bear with us 
  and tell admin at codespeak.net about problems! 

If we don't fully complete the move on thursday we are going
to spend the sunday (9th January) as well. 


codespeak-ann at codespeak.net

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