[pypy-dev] Re: genrpy is ready so far.

Christian Tismer tismer at stackless.com
Tue Jan 11 13:43:27 CET 2005

Michael Hudson wrote:

> Hmm!  Could we use this to make an interpreter-level implementation of
> the argument parsing code from a nice clear application level
> implementation?  Or does this still result in hideous circularities?
> Probably.  Oh well.

I think we could try this.
We can look at circularities quite easily. Just for fun,
I have run genrpy twice over a function.
That creates the whole interpreter as a nice single
huge Python source file.
Although this doesn't make too much sense for producing
the 'real' code, it procides a new way to do source
analysis. You know that everything is in the file,
the whole interpreter, you can single step, add debug
calls, whatsoever, without having to hack around in
the real sources.

well, I'll continue with this. Would like to run the huge file.
At the moment, I have real trouble with old-style class
instances. No idea how to create them, they seem to
be not correctly wrapped.

cheers - chris
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