[pypy-dev] module writing

Douglas McNeil mcneil at astro.queensu.ca
Tue Jan 25 20:47:51 CET 2005

> I don't know exactly. Isn't there a pure python implementation for  quoted
> printable in the python sources (I think in quopri.py or something). I would
> just use this code.

I would except that testing revealed the two have surprisingly different
behaviour for all sorts of inputs, and I thought the goal (at the moment,
at least) is to have the pypy stdlib give exactly the same results (at
least on non-architecture-dependent stuff.)

> Another thing: I don't have much time at the moment to finish my
> binascii code. Perhaps it's best if I pass my code to you, so you can
> have a look at it and perhaps merge it with yours and check it in? What
> do you think?

Sure, that's fine.  Thesis work is always less interesting than anything
else. :)

BTW, all, a few weeks ago I gave a talk at a conference on
high-performance computation in astrophysics, and got to plug the pypy
project as an example of future coolness.  In discussions afterwards it
was widely agreed that if a dynamic high-level language could get within
25% of C without much boilerplate the productivity gains would be well
worth the runtime cost, even at the extreme end of HPC.


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