[pypy-dev] llvm2 update

Carl Friedrich Bolz cfbolz at gmx.de
Sat Jul 16 00:45:00 CEST 2005

Hi Chris!

Chris Lattner wrote:
> This is generally done with global variables.  The C++ front-end 
> basically generates code like this:
>   C++:  throw 42;
> Pseudo LLVM code:
>    int *E = allocate_exception_memory(4);
>    *E = 42;
>    add_to_current_exception_stack(E);
>    unwind
> I imagine that something similar should work for pypy.

This is indeed pretty much what I did in genllvm1 (note that we're 
already writing our second LLVM backend :-). It's even a bit easier 
since we don't need an exception stack but only one single exception.
One problem is that exception matching is not entirely straightforward 
although this is a property of the PyPy model and has nothing to do with 
LLVM per se.


Carl Friedrich

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