[pypy-dev] next pypy sprints / some infos

holger krekel hpk at trillke.net
Wed Jul 20 20:18:58 CEST 2005

Hi folks, 

first some quick notes regarding upcoming PyPy sprints.  After the
EuroPython 2005 sprint we decided that we are going for a
sprint that i am organizing at my living and working place,
Trillke-Gut in Hildesheim, Germany.  It is going to start 25th
July and last until 31st July 2005.  Especially already scheduled 
participants please look at 


for some more information (and correct wrong dates!). 

The strong focus will be on getting a self-contained PyPy
version working.  Really. This time the sprint is only open for
everybody who already knows PyPy.  If you'd like to attend
please send me a private mail.  I am trying to find private
accomodation for everyone.  

Please excuse the extremely short notice but the final
decision was only taken end of last week and i have been
somewhat busy.  Most of the currently active developers
knew about this coming for a longer time, though. 

For the end of August 2005 Carl Friedrich Bolz is organizing 
a sprint more open to new people.  This is going to take place
at the University of Heidelberg, Germany.  More details will 
be announced soon. 

While we are at it: in the further away future, it's likely there 
will be a sprint in Paris around early October, organized by Logilab.  

And if you can imagine helping us to organize a PyPy sprint at 
your place, then please drop us a mail!  For example, we 
haven't been to basically the whole of South Europe :-) 

For your information, we have started last thursday a practise
of having all active pypy developers (and in particular those 
involved in the PyPy/EU project) meet on IRC for 30 minutes.  
This XP-style meeting is meant to synchronize our dev work better 
and give us a body to quickly decide about directions and issues.   
The first minutes of the pypy-sync meeting can be found here:


This "active developers" meeting will take place every thursday 
at 1pm (GMT+2/Berlin) for 30 minutes with a half-fixed agenda. 
It is not really open to spectators, i guess.  Those have to 
wait for the minutes :-) 

If you have any questions or comments don't hesitate to 
share them here on the list. 



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