[pypy-dev] dev meeting 2nd June 3pm (CEST)

holger krekel hpk at trillke.net
Thu Jun 2 17:36:10 CEST 2005

Hi again, 

so the meeting is just finished and here are some minutes
and conclusions we reached.  Feel free to comment here on 
the list (the minutes are also checked into 



pypy-dev meeting on #pypy at irc.freenode.net 

    Thursday, 2nd June, 3pm (CEST == GMT+2) 

attendees: Armin Rigo, Samuele Pedroni, Carl Friedrich Bolz, 
           Holger Krekel, Anders Chrigstroem, Anders Lehmann, 
           Adrien di Mascio, Stelios Xanthakis, Bert Freudenberg

topics and decisions: 

.. contents::
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Bert Freudenberg introduces himself as a Squeak Developer
since '97 who intends to enter the EU project and to come
to the Post-EuroPython PyPy sprint. 

Stelios Xanthakis (mayall) has been watching PyPy from the sideline. 
He is the author of 'pyvm', a python virtual machine experiment. 

short-term release planning 

around 23rd of June we'd like to do a 0.6.2 release 
which includes moving our lib-python base to 2.4.1 and
improved documentation (especially for newcomers). 

sprint announcement/topics

although times and city are fixed already, the actual sprint
topics for the post-europython sprint from 1st-7th July (both 
including) July in Goetheborg (Sweden) are not yet decided and
announced.  However, almost all active developers will come and
it's already safe to reserve the time and book your flights 
if you want to attend a newcomer-friendly sprint. 

Sprint topics (Armin has already formulated a more detailed topic 
announcement draft in extradoc/sprintinfo/EP2005-announcement.txt): 

- translation : - rtyper (low-level impl of RPython objects)
                - genc/genllvm (might be well advanced by EP)
- integrate parser module (possibly making it RPython

- various topics (name some examples from the tracker) 
  depending on people's interests 

Advancing Issue Tracking: 

Holger will extend/modify issue tracking so that 

- each issue is classsified as requiring hard, medium or easy efforts 
  (maybe name that 'effort' or something) 

- milestones should go in favour of a release-field which should
  initially contain '0.6.2', '1.0' (mainly reflecting Milestone 1 
  stuff) and 'general' (not yet tied to any release in particular) 

  later we add release values like a possible 0.7 etc.pp. 

stable base for Translation efforts
giving the translation efforts a stable base: 

One problem with ongoing development of PyPy is that
the translation process is still somewhat fragile with
respect to type inference (annotation) on our source tree.  

-> resolved already before the meeting: see 
Armin's pypy-dev posting. 

[current approach: pypy/translator/goal contains a stable
snapshot of interpreter, module and objspace directories 
so that main-line changes don't disturb translation work, 
run 'python translate_pypy.py targetpypy1.py' to get interactive

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