[pypy-dev] postponing 0.6.2/the move to CPython 2.4.1

holger krekel hpk at trillke.net
Mon Jun 13 21:35:27 CEST 2005

Hi folks, 

well, it seems our early 0.6.2 planning this month may have been 
a bit too optimistic.  Armin, Samuele, Christian and me discussed
today that we should not go for the move to CPython 2.4.1  
before EuroPython.   The main reasoning is that it requires an 
unknown amount of effort and might also divert from the 
translation focus because of little issues popping up everywhere.  

Instead, the idea is to experiment with the 2.4.1-move at the
Post-EuroPython sprint.  After that we should have a better
picture of when it makes sense to go for a new release. 
Basically we should stably work with the 2.4.1 baseline for 
some time before doing a release.  However, we think that improving 
the documentation before EuroPython and the sprint still makes 
sense.  But that doesn't require a new release per se.  

So unless there is serious disagreement, the 0.6.2 release 
and the 2.4.1 move will not be tackled in June.  At least
we discovered the problem before being well into the release
process so that could be called progress :-) 



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