[pypy-dev] sprint report, day 1

Michael Hudson mwh at python.net
Fri Jun 24 10:53:28 CEST 2005

Nothing official, but as I'm stting here waiting for the others to
arrive, I thought I'd wirte a little bit about what we did yesterday
(all my own opninions and recollections, corrections welcome :-).

The people present and hacking were: Armin, Samuele, Christian,
Holger, Michael, Anders (C) and Anders (L).

We started by writing:


(which actually started as a mail Armin sent to pypy-dev a week or so
ago, and was edited during the day to reflect progress).

Then in a pretty informal way we paired or tripled up and got
cracking.  Generally speaking, it was encouraging how quickly everyone
became productive, it says good things about the current design of
codebase (and also indicates how much work there is left to do...).

Almost all of the work happened at the rtyper level:


that sits between the annotator and the language backends.

Samuele and Michael mostly worked on string operations in rpython,
implementing conversions from ints to strings and limited string
formatting operations, did a couple of easy builtins and worked out
which were going to be hard.

Anders (L) and Christian worked mostly on rpython lists and tuples,
and also did string slicing.

Anders (C), Holger and Armin mostly worked on rpython dictionaries
(the ones that will hold keyword arguments during argument processing,
among a few other things), and nearly finished it.

Right, the others are hear now, so it's time to start hacking again...


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