[pypy-dev] Re: summaries on builtin types/modules

Samuele Pedroni pedronis at strakt.com
Fri Mar 11 23:24:11 CET 2005

bernstorff_lehmann at mail.tele.dk wrote:
> just a heads up : For some reason the summaries doesn't work in either Internet Explorer or Opera (windows 2k). In these browsers you only get a blank window when you try :

having just tried Firefox and Safari, I should have expected some IE 
problems, OTOH I did not expect something this radical.

> http://codespeak.net/~pedronis/deltareports/modules-index.html
> FireFox is ok though.
> I havent tried to understand why yet

at least IE on the Mac was unhappy about <script ... /> vs <script ...> 
</script>. I think it swallowed all the rest of the file as part of the 

I have uploaded a new version, which seem to work with Firexfox, Safari,
and also Mac IE5 (which I admit I did not try the first time around),
js driven local sorting seems also to work with all three after some 


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