[pypy-dev] releasing PyPy ...

holger krekel hpk at trillke.net
Thu Mar 17 16:03:57 CET 2005

Hi pypy-dev'ers, 

i think it is time to start releasing PyPy.   I suggest the 
following release targets/characteristics: 

    PyPy-0.6 in April: Python Implementation running on top of CPython 
                       with up-to-date documentation, nice entry points 

    PyPy-0.7 in June:  translate Python programs (written within a restricted 
                       subset of Python) to lower level languages, with 
                       actual documented and tested tools to do it. 

    PyPy-0.8/0.9 in July/August: statically translated mostly self-contained 
                       compliant Python implemenetation 

    PyPy-1.0  September:  Milestone release: have a fully usable self-translating
                          Python implementation with focus on flexibility and
                          extensibility, _not_ on speed, let's name it the
                          "Knuth release" :-) 
Technically we should put the releases into their own branches and tags
so that we have the following layout in the repository: 

      dist/...      # ongoing development

        pypy-X.Y/   # always a snapshot of the pypy/dist directory 

        pypy-X.Y.Z  # always a snapshot of the pypy/dist directory 

moreover we very likely make available downloads as zip and tar files
somewhere and also prep up the web site for representing release information

IMO the  first release in April should (or maybe even at Pycon?)
focus on getting all the documentation, and entry points nice
enough.   I'd like to work a bit on this and discuss things during
the pre-Pycon sprint, i guesss. 

comments, wishes & suggestions welcome! 



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