[pypy-dev] Parsing prognosis.

Jonathan David Riehl jriehl at cs.uchicago.edu
Mon Mar 21 22:37:36 CET 2005

I need some direction on how to proceed with the parser module.  I don't
recommend using it for the interpreter level compiler at this time as it
takes several minutes to load.  Perhaps it would be appropriate to add it
to the library as a drop in replacement to the CPython parser module, and
look at pulling it into the interpreter level after we have a C translator
working well.

Normally, I'd just put something into .../dist/pypy/lib and add some tests
to test2, but there is a bit of additional infrastructure used by the
parser.  Is there a better place to put this?  Possibly we should look
into building yet another bytecode compiler and creating a new
.../dist/pypy/parser package.  Of course, I will add some documentation
about how to update the parser (such as using PyPgen).

Anyway, any thoughts are welcome, and (logical) instructions desirable.


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