[pypy-dev] Re: releasing PyPy ...

Wolfgang tds at gmx.de
Sat Mar 26 12:34:00 CET 2005


> i think it is time to start releasing PyPy.   I suggest the 
> following release targets/characteristics: 

Good to hear.

> Technically we should put the releases into their own branches and tags
> so that we have the following layout in the repository: 
>    svn/pypy/
>       dist/...      # ongoing development

most other projects use 'trunk' for ongoing development.

>       branch/
>         pypy-X.Y/   # always a snapshot of the pypy/dist directory 

why not use X.Y, pypy-X.Y is redundant. (in CVS you need this)
-> svn/pypy/branch/X.Y

>       tag/
>         pypy-X.Y.Z  # always a snapshot of the pypy/dist directory 

same as with branch.
why not use tag/X.Y.Z.

bye by Wolfgang

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