[pypy-dev] Parsing prognosis, redux.

Jonathan David Riehl jriehl at cs.uchicago.edu
Thu Mar 31 18:57:49 CEST 2005

Hi all,
	I just wanted to chime in on the parser/compiler issue.  I think
we would all benefit if I spent some time documenting Basil, as Basil is a
language development framework, and much more flexible (at least in design
if not implementation) than Armin may suspect.  The stuff I dropped into
Pypy is divorced from Basil and loses some of its flexibility.  This is
the price one pays for not creating a cross project dependency.  I've
always had in mind the goal of being able to rapidly prototype Python
variants in Python.
	If another project that coincides with Basil's scope is a part of
the EU project, perhaps that is the better political solution for the Pypy
project.  The EU has paid (or will pay) for this work, and will pay for
experts to work full time on integration of that work.  My situation is
much more in the air as I have dissertation work to undertake (which could
still advance Basil significantly,) and will shortly lose most of my
travel funding as my primary benefactor is leaving the university
(although, I might still seek a travel grant from the PSF if I can show
enough of a contribution.)
	I suspect that we will just have to look at both parsers and see
which is the best technical fit, and not just in the short term (ie.
which is easier to support.)  The group will make a decision and we can
move on from there.  If the Logilab work does not yet include a compiler,
perhaps we should start a discussion that will keep us from duplicating
too much work on that front.


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