[pypy-dev] A saner directory structure

Armin Rigo arigo at tunes.org
Sun May 1 13:55:57 CEST 2005

Hi all,

Sorry for Yet Another directory structure reorganization.  This one shouldn't
have too much effects.  Its purpose was to clean up the mess of pypy/lib/,
which prevented most tests from running at all.

Now, we have:

        Used ONLY for complete pure Python reimplementation of modules.
        The test2 subdirectory just contains regular tests for these.
        These tests run on top of CPython, and are meant to check that
        the reimplementations are correct, independently of PyPy.

        The unmodified CPython library (used to be lib-python-2.3.4).

        The files and tests that we have modified from the CPython library.

PyPy runs with sys.path set to

  [... lib-python/modified-2.3.4, lib-python/2.3.4, ...]

so that the modified-2.3.4 directory shadows the 2.3.4 one.  There is a 'test'
package in modified-2.3.4; all the files put there shadow the corresponding
file from 2.3.4/test.  (We use the standard pkgutil module to give the
illusion of a 'test' package that contains all files from both
modified-2.3.4/test and 2.3.4/test).

The place to check out the 'result' directory for tests have been moved to
'dist/testresult'.  Just run py.test in lib-python/2.3.4/test and it will tell
you more precisely.  You might have to remove the old lib-python-2.3.4
directory by hand: svn will leave it behind because you probably have .pyc
files in there (and possibly the previous check-out of the 'result'

A bientôt,


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