[pypy-dev] new unicode checkins / announcing branches

Anders Chrigström ac at strakt.com
Mon May 2 15:08:50 CEST 2005

holger krekel wrote:

> i noticed that both of you are doing unicode related 
> checkins.  Could you make sure that you are not 
> duplicating efforts?  

Will do.

> In general, i think it's a good idea to advertise 
> new branches (like the nice "non-fake-unicode" one) 
> on pypy-dev. Better redundant than sorry. 

I appologize for what confusion my clam-like behaviour
has caused. I will be more verbose in the future.
The named branch is where I currently develop the unicode type
and other unicode related stuff (e.g. the unicodedata module).
I plan on having this work complete enough for merging back into
the trunk this week or early next week.

> Um, and does one of you have a nice nickname? :-) 

You can use 'Arre' for me.

Happy hacking,

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