[pypy-dev] Re: This Week in PyPy 1

Johan Dahlin jdahlin at async.com.br
Tue Nov 15 20:09:33 CET 2005

>> Of course, this work ended up duplicating some of the things done by
>> tools such as pylint and pyflakes and has the potential to be useful
>> for projects other than PyPy, so I hope to clean it up and maybe make
>> it a pylint plugin soon-ish.
> Something possibly relevant but very special purpose is a tool I wrote 
> called 'importchecker'. Its only purpose is to report on unused imports 
> so that they can be removed from the codebase.
> http://cvs.infrae.com/tools/importchecker/

Seems very similar to pyflakes (which does the same and a few more 
things), which can be found at:



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