[pypy-dev] This week in PyPy 3

Michael Hudson mwh at python.net
Tue Nov 22 17:18:40 CET 2005

Better late than never...

  This Week in PyPy 3


This is the third of what will hopefully be many summaries of what's
been going on in the world of PyPy in the last week.  I'd still like
to remind people that when something worth summarizing happens to
recommend if for "This Week in PyPy" as mentioned on:


where you can also find old summaries.

There were about 60 commits to the pypy section of codespeak's
repository this week.


Work on the branch continued, to the point that the annotator now
works but the scary mess of the RTyper still remains.  We're still
pleased with the ideas behind the branch -- the new annotator code has
a good deal fewer hacks than the old (though it still has quite a few,
of course).

Backend progress

There was a fair bit of light refactoring on the LLVM backend this
week, including a recommendation to upgrade to the newly released LLVM
1.6.  This gives slightly better performance, meaning that a new
pypy-llvm is the closest to CPython performance we've gotten yet
(still about 8 times slower, mind).  The main change is that the list
of operations that can raise exceptions is now shared with the genc
backend, reducing duplication and maintence overhead.  Basically this
means that the LLVM backend is and should remain compatible with the default
pypy-c build (no threads, only the Boehm GC and no stackless features).

There was also progress on the JavaScript backend, mainly focussed on
adding some of the stackless features currently sported by the C backend.


  > It might get my attention if you'd spin around in your chair,
  > spoke in tongues, and puked jets of green goblin goo.
  I can arrange for this.  ;-)            -- Barry Warsaw & Fred Drake

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