[pypy-dev] switching to translate_pypy_new

Samuele Pedroni pedronis at strakt.com
Sat Oct 1 14:57:08 CEST 2005

I'm about to remove the old translate_pypy

and make translate_pypy_new renamed to translate_pypy
the new default.

If you encounter problems make that known.

Here are the new options,
notice that to only annotate for example is enough to specify just 
--annotate, it is not necessary to disable all things explicitly (-no-t 
-no-c -no-o with the old one) anymore; the default goal is to compile 
the target:

usage: translate_pypy [options] [target]

   -h, --help            show this help message and exit

     -a, --annotate      Annotate [default]
     --no-annotate       Don't annotate
     -d, --debug         Record annotation debug info

     -t, --rtype         RType [default]
     --no-rtype          Don't rtype
     --insist            Dont' stop on first rtyper error

   Backend optimisations:
     -o, --backendopt    Do backend optimisations [default]
     --no-backendopt     Don't do backend optimisations

   Code generation options:
     -s, --source        Generate source code [default]
     --no-source         Don't generate source code
     -b [c|llvm], --backend=[c|llvm]
                         Backend [default: c]
                         Garbage collector [default: boehm]

   Compilation options:
     -c, --compile       Compile generated source [default]
     --no-compile        Don't compile

   Run options:
     -r, --run           Run compiled code
     --no-run            Don't run compiled code [default]

   General&other options:
     --batch             Don't run interactive helpers
     --lowmem            Target should try to save memory
     --huge=HUGE         Threshold in the number of functions after 
which only
                         a local call graph and not a full one is displayed
                         [default: 100]
     --text              Don't start the pygame viewer
                         Serve analysis graphs on port number (see
                         (UNIX) Create restartable checkpoint before step
     --llinterpret       Interpret the rtyped flow graphs


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