[pypy-dev] Paris sprint report conclusion

holger krekel hpk at trillke.net
Wed Oct 26 00:01:59 CEST 2005

Hi all, 

two amendments to the Paris sprint report: 

- i put some pictures online at http://codespeak.net/~hpk/paris-sprint/
  mostly from the rooms and not so much from the impressive city 
  around, though.  Especially not from the nice music club which 
  Sten an i visited ... 

- we also got quite a bit of planing, discussing and decisions done
  regarding the upcoming EU project review, which is to take place in 
  January in Bruxelles.  Involved in those reporting/planning activities 
  were Bea, Jacob, Laura, Carl and me. 

Also i was quite happy how the new organisational idea of
working in discussion groups (and even larger pairings) worked
out.  Especially when we get larger sprint assemblies i think
it makes sense to evolve this idea some more.  


On Mon, Oct 17, 2005 at 23:52 +0200, Carl Friedrich Bolz wrote:
> Now that the sprint has ended and we (Micheal, Carl, Armin) are sitting
> in the Thalys to Koeln, we fear we should at least write a few words
> about the last days.
> On Friday morning another discussion group was founded and discussed -
> again - the state and future of the l3interpreter (l3 = lll = low low
> level), that is the translatable llinterpreter. The results were
> presented after lunch, together with some ideas about the JIT.
> Afterwards Carl gave a short talk on the results of his summer of code
> project on writing garbage collectors in RPython.
> Boris, Michael, Bert with help from Samuele spent the whole rest of the
> sprint working on the many open issues related to ootyping. Simple
> programs can now be ootyped, including inheritance, methods, instance
> attributes and right at the end some support for prebuilt instances. In
> addition they extended the llinterpreter to understand the ootype
> operations as well (we were worried that our names were starting to make
> sense).
> Armin spent the last days fixing different cases that crashed pypy-c
> which he found by running the CPython compliancy tests. In addition he
> helped various people to find their way around the codebase.
> Adrien and Arre worked on fixing compiler and parser issues that led to
> wrong line numbers and different issues that popped up.
> Ludovic and Adrien experimented with rewriting parts of the Numeric
> package in RPython.
> Valentino and Amaury continued on implementing the socket module which
> turned out (as expected) to be a platform dependent nightmare. They have
> a kind of complete socket module now, but some functions cannot yet be
> translated.
> Christian worked on an experiment to reorder functions in the created C
> code to improve code locality.
> Finally, after a week of srapped attemps, much headscratching and heated
> discussion there was some code written for the l3interpreter. On
> Saturday afternoon Holger and Carl wrote the basic model and managed to
> interpret interesting functions like x + 4. On Sunday Samuele and Carl
> continued and started on a graph converter that takes ll graphs and
> transforms into the form the l3interpreter expects.
> On Saturday afternoon there was a planning meeting where the actions of
> the following weeks were discussed. The tedious EU-report writing was
> distributed to those unfortunate creatures that are paid for working on
> PyPy. Furthermore we discussed the various conference and sprints people
> want to attend -- it seems that nobody will see home much in the next
> few months.
> All in all it was a very productive sprint but of course we all have to
> recover for two weeks now.
> Exhaustedly,
> Armin, Michael & Carl Friedrich
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