[pypy-dev] rel 0.8 coord meeting, 2pm GMT+1 monday 31 Oct 2005 on #pypy

Samuele Pedroni pedronis at strakt.com
Sun Oct 30 21:19:28 CET 2005

As already pointed out the scope of the 0.8 release is mainly:

- Ship our integrated and now translated AST compiler
- Ship the speed improvements we had since 0.7, which mainly
  means updating the documentation that discuss current speed

- Ship a release in which the thunk space can also be translated

The meeting is for people who think can spend some time helping with
the release during the week.

Agenda for the meeting (max ~1h):

Status of the branch and regressions (max 15-20min)

I have run tests and compliancy tests on the branch made on Friday:
see issue 147 and http://www.strakt.com/~pedronis/testresult-pre0.8/

We have basically two regressions:

- we have a failure in test_sort, because switching to using rpython
   lists directly has broken detecting changes during list sort in
   some situations.

- translation with threads doesn't work at least because stack_too_big
   is not thread-safe, there may be other issues. Making stack_too_big
   thread-safe is not trivial x-platform wise.

Discuss whether there are low-risk solutions that can be implemented
in 1/2 days, otherwise I think the regressions are not show stoppers.

Release tasks, mostly documentation updates (20-25min)

I have started adding issues to the tracker, under release 0.8,
for updates/writing required for the release:

- go through the list, see if something is amiss, possibly assign
   people to tasks and reviewing texts

Packaging, uploading (15-20min)

When and how to proceed making the candidate tarballs, uploading them
and cutting the release.

This is something so far Holger took care of, can this be delegated
(or not for this release), how do we want to proceed?

Thanks, Samuele.

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