[pypy-dev] [Fwd: Dynamic Languages Symposium 2006 - Technical Papers (CfP)]

Laura Creighton lac at strakt.com
Sun Apr 2 01:07:34 CEST 2006

In a message of Sat, 01 Apr 2006 14:53:02 -0800, David Ascher writes:
>Laura Creighton wrote:
>>Thank you Nik for this important information,  we did indeed 
>>believe that we missed the deadline.
>>David Ascher is Canadian, as is ActiveState.  I have cc'd this to him
>>so that he can go about the  business of correcting the pure
>>slander that they are American, because Nik has clearly taken
>>this from some other site.
>Thanks, I'd already gotten the CFP fixed, but after it started spreading.
>For the record, I'm not Canadian, although I am in Canada.  I'm french 
>and american =).

Interesting mix, apologies for getting it wrong.

Laura Creighton - in Sweden, but from NOVA SCOTIA or ACADIE for those
of us for whom such things matter :-) (we don't feel particularly
'Canadian' and leave that for the people of Ontario, but we sure know
where home is.  Since Nik is from Switzerland, he will understand this
sort of feeling perfectly well. :-) )


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