[pypy-dev] Re: inquiry: phd positions

Jakob Praher jp at hapra.at
Mon Apr 3 20:53:04 CEST 2006

Hi Jacob,

thank you for your support.
Looks very interesting to hear that. What are you currently working on? 
AFAICT you are employed by strakt.com. Are you working on pypy as a 
research project?

Jacob Hallen schrieb:
> - Modularisation of the source language, allowing expansion and contraction of 
> the available syntax and semantics.
> - Adaption of the platform to handle multiple source languages.
That is insteresting, especially when supporting other dynamic languages.
> -Use of the Pypy architecture for distributed computing, multiprocessing and 
> handling of security issues at interpreter level.
Ah yes. I recently attended a guest lecture by Michael Franz. He is a 
professor at University Irvine in California. They are implementing MAC 
based security labels for virtual machines. He managed to bring the 
pefromance loss of labeling down to 6 % of the whole execution time. 
Given the fact that SeLinux for instance already supports MAC, MAC can 
be an interesting concept to bring to virtual machines as well.
> - Various aspects of code generation including translation, JIT 
> specialisation, garbage collection and backend production.
> - Pypy integration with existing platforms, like Java and CLI.
Could be interesting too. Especially Java plans on integrating an 
invokedynamic instruction. This makes it possible to design more 
efficient code generators. But I am not really 100 % sure, how this will 
look like.
> Heinrich Heine University of Duesseldorf is a member of the project, with 
> professor Leuchel being formally responsible. In practice, it is Armin Rigo 
> and Michael Hudson who are financed to be working on Pypy. As of this week 
> Carl Friedrich Boltz will be doing his Bachelor of Science there, focusing on 
> Pypy.
Thats interesting to hear.
> While professor Leuchel is a very open minded person, who seems to enjoy 
> giving people the liberty to pursue the kind of research they are interested 
> in, I have no clue as to what the policy of the CS department or the 
> university are concerning the acceptance of PhD students. I hope what I have 
> said will help you get started on your own investigation.
Oh great.  Thanks for the pointers. The problem I am facing is that PhD 
slots are pretty scarce and so there are often many people already 
waiting for one :-)
> In the meantime, I hope you will have time to get acquainted with the code 
> base. You are also welcome to join one of our sprints, where you will get a 
> chance to collaborate with the developers on specific issues. The most 
> convenient place for you in the reasonably near future will probably be the 
> sprint right after Europython at CERN in Switzerland. We do have an open 
> sprint in Japan before that, but it is a long way to travel and we will 
> probably have as many newcomers as we can cope with.
I will surely look at the project code base, no matter how this turns 
out. Thank you.
> Best of luck
> Jacob Hallén

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