[pypy-dev] Re: Mixed modules for both PyPy and CPython

Van Lindberg vlindberg at novell.com
Wed Apr 12 21:33:10 CEST 2006


Carl Friedrich Bolz wrote:

>Careful. "Restricted Python" (or RPython) means something very
>specific in PyPy lingo. Restricted Python means that you stick to some
>restrictions in your coding style to make type inference possible. See
Sorry - I knew that.  I just didn't make the connection from one side of 
my brain to another.  Maybe "secure python" (spy)?

What made me think this would work are a couple of comments made here 
and on the py3k list. 

First, Armin (about a year ago, I think)made some comments about the 
objectspace abstraction allowing a "Remote Object Space" and allowing 
different object spaces to participate in the evaluation of code.

Second, comments on py3k list indicated that secure python is difficult 
because of a) introspection, b) type inference, and c) GIL acquisition.  
However, a) a partitioned object space would allow introspection to be 
limited - go too far and you run into an opaque objectspace wall; b) 
Pypy already has functionality to do some type inference - probably as 
much as necessary; and c) Pypy doesn't have a GIL.  The only relevant 
GIL would be in the CPy host python, inaccessible to code in the Spy.

Of course, I also may be completely wrong :)


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