[pypy-dev] Avoiding code duplication

Antonio Cuni anto.cuni at gmail.com
Mon Apr 17 14:45:15 CEST 2006

Hi Armin, hi all

Armin Rigo wrote:
> A different comment: as you mentioned on IRC it would be nice if the
> back-end could choose which methods it implements natively.  At one
> point there was the idea that maybe the 'oopspec' attributes that
> started to show up in lltypesystem/rlist.py (used by the JIT only) could
> be useful in this respect.  If I remember correctly, the idea didn't
> work out because of the different 'lowleveltype' needed, and the
> difference in the interface.  Merging the ADT method names of lltyped
> lists and the GENERIC_METHODS of ootyped lists could be a step in this
> direction again.  The interesting point is that each oo back-end could
> then choose to special-case the ll_xxx() functions with the oopspecs
> that they recognize, and just translate the other ones normally.  (The
> ll back-ends always translate them all.)

I have successfully moved almost all ll_* helpers from 
rpython/lltypesystem/rlist.py to rpython/rlist.py so that now they are 
shared between the two typesystems.

For doing that I had to extend the ADT interface of ListRepr to include 
_ll_resize_ge and _ll_resize_le, as well as to add the same function as 
_GENERIC_METHODS in ootypesystem.

Now ootypesystem should support the full list's semantic but in a 
far-from-perfect way: the main issue is that most operations are done by 
the ll_* helpers, even when there could be a more efficient native 

I see three main ways of fixing that:

1) further extend the ADT/_GENERIC_METHODS interface to include common 
operations that could be natively available in OO targets and modify 
ll_* helpers to use that methods; e.g., we could insert a "remove_range" 
and let ll_listdelslice & co. using it. This way OO backends could 
easily forward call to remove_range to the runtime; moreover if the 
inliner works well there should be no performance penalties for 

2) follow Armin's suggestion to use oopspec for letting backends 
forwarding to the RTE only what they want;

3) a mixture of 1 and 2.

ciao Anto

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